52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 10

People dream of one day having everything in their life be taken care of….I don’t. For some reason, I am content with the simple life and I think when we try to aspire for things we are not suppose to have it makes our lives more difficult. Money, for example, I am not going to say that having it is overrated or there is no need for it, there is, but it seems to make people either generous or go out of their minds. Long ago, people used to buy small houses and work their way up….

Now we buy the big house and go up from there. Why does everything have to start at the extreme and then go down because of debt. Having money doesn’t buy happiness so for me I would not want to have alot of it, but if I did, this is how I would handle it…..



I worked many years and maintained a great credit score in order to buy my first home for my husband and kids. We purchased in 2015 and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. My children were so happy and my husband loved the neighborhood.

Next thing I would do….


My kids are now grown up and are in college or about to attend college, so I am making sure that they start there adult lives with no debt. Seed money to begin there adult lives on their own. We are so proud of our children and how much they have accomplished.

Next thing we all will do is…..


I would love to take a 2-week vacation with the family All-Inclusive to an island. We all would love to be pampered for awhile.

Next on my list……naturally


My parents brought me into the world and I love them dearly so I will always make sure they are comfortable.

Next on my list, very dear to my heart….


My best friend in the world would never want for anything. She and I are alot alike in this world where everything in our life has always been about taking care of everyone else and making sure they are okay. We neglect to take care of ourselves and now that we are older we are looking to the future of seeing the world together and retiring in style with no regrets.

Next on my list…..


Me and my husband would love to buy a house and live in a small town. For some reason, having a relationship with people you are on a first name basis with feels comforting. I know that when you are in a small town people are in your business but you know what, if you don’t want them to know something don’t speak on it. We love the outdoors and the place we pick, we would like to have almost no snow and comfortable temperatures like Florida in the Winter.

Last on my wish list…..


I realized in the last couple months that I enjoy being served dinner and being in a setting with a groups of friends. I started a group in my city called the Lakeland Dinner and Movie Group where my neighbors of Lakeland get together every Tuesday night to enjoy dinner or a movie. Everyone has been so supportive since October 2019 and our group is growing strong. We are 240 members and counting.

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One response to “52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 10”

  1. Great post! I always said if I won a lot of money, and I mean A LOT, I would go straight on vacation and plan out what else I would do with the money from the beach ☀️ x

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