31 Day Challenge-Day 16



Dream job….hmmm…

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Helping people with their problems…I know it sounds like a big headache but for me it sounds fun and you get paid for it.

Welcome to the World of Psychology:

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Definition: The study of behaviors and mental processes in living things that inhabit the world and how they adapt to their environment.

  This is actually my dream job.  I wanted to either be a Psychologist or counselor because I am a great listener and am very fascinated with how the brain works.  I am always analyzing everything to death and because people feel comfortable around me…it sounds like a great fit for me.  

  Unfortunately,  most Psychologist have to go to school forever and school loans are up in the 100k, so I had to come up with a more achievable goal and cost effective way to make a living.  


Saving the world one person at a time!!

That’s all for today..stayed tuned tomorrow for day 17

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3 responses to “31 Day Challenge-Day 16”

  1. Great post! I’ve been interested in psychology in the past and even thought of being a counselor once. But I decided it wasn’t really me and wanted to be a writer. Thanks for sharing.


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  3. When I took a psychology course in college I was definitely intrigued! I enjoyed the class so much! I even considered going into psychology myself for a brief moment! I decided that it wasn’t really for me, but I think even if you don’t go into psychology it still plays a huge role in all of our lives! Teachers and people who are in similar fields where they have to deal with the public benefit from psychology!

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