31 Day Challenge-Day 12


People are always saying, ” If I won the lottery, I would quit my job, buy myself a mansion, boat and anything I have ever wanted.” I hear this and I keep looking at the people that are millionaires according to the television and I wonder why is it they are so unhappy with having so much money and time on their hands. Why are they killing themselves or going bankrupt after working so hard…I figured it out…it’s not money that will set you free, it is the love you have for yourself and others not the coins you have in the bank and life you live. I took Psychology in school and it is a known fact that most people want to be able to never have to worry about anything in their life, but it will never happen. Having money in the bank helps one problem but what about health and everyday feeling and emotions…you can’t buy that. The more you have, the more you want, it never is satisfied.

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For me, the lottery is another way for the world to create one more problem for people who have addictions, those that dream of winning and never do, or taking hard working people’s money away that they probably needed to pay their rent with. I am okay with people every once in awhile having a little fun together buying a ticket or betting on games but when it disturbs the economic structure of us putting food on the table, it is a problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I have played before but I don’t take food out of my kids mouths or declare myself homeless just to get to misery. If you think about it, everyone you know is going to know you won it and that is when the problems beginning. I would rather have a smile on my face everyday and live my life then have to worry about people coming after me. I think if we are going to continue to play, let’s play for a better cause like free health care for everyone or allowing everyone a free college education.

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So, with saying all that, if I won the lottery, I am retired so I don’t have to quit my job. Probably make sure my kids education was fully paid, & the house is paid in full. All the debt we have is taken care of. I always wanted an RV so I would get one to enjoy family road trips. The rest of the money would be used as needed. I don’t believe in asking for more than I have because I am happy just the same. We as people have to realize that what we have is a blessing and it was meant for us to have, what we do with it is up to us….it sets the tone for whether we are happy or miserable for our one life to live.

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That’s all I have for you today…Stay tuned for Day 13 tomorrow….

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One response to “31 Day Challenge-Day 12”

  1. So true – winning the lottery usually doesn’t help people financially. They still end up broke. Sounds like you are better at managing your money than most.

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