31 Day Challenge-Day 9


Hey Hey, so this is Day 9 and one of my favorite topics is here!! Piercings and Tattoos are one of the most beautiful ways of expressing who you are and what is important to you. So lets get started….so I have only 2 piercings….


I only have two piercings, one in each year. These are very significant because I got these when I was 40 years old. I couldn’t get my ears pierced at a younger age before 18 years old so I kind of got used to not having it so I didn’t get it done. My mom and I were at a jewelry counter last year and we were looking at earrings and she said “Why don’t you get your ears pierced?” So I did it, it hurt for like 60 secs each ear but I am glad I did it!! My mom was so proud of me. I love wearing all kinds of earrings now especially hoops…it goes with personality.


Right now , I have 5 piercings to date. Each one of my tattoos has a significant meaning behind them. Most of my tattoos have my kids names on them. The Phoenix is representative of the University I attended and got my college degree. The butterfly and long tiger represents my freedom to live life and being able to go after what I wanted. I am waiting to get my 6th and final tattoo…..


This is going to be 6th and last tattoo…I drew this myself.

Check out my post on body art to get more in depth about the story about my tattoos click MMMoffamilyentertainment link below:



So while I have you guys here, I wanted to recommend a cool lady to follow who I met who loves to talk about piercings and tattoos!! She runs a Blog and Facebook group. She does Guest post, Coaching and offers other services. Introducing….

Britt Kascjak

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Atomic Tattoos


Located in Lakeland Florida at 2405 S. Florida Ave. I drew this one myself also…they did an awesome job!!

Ink Spot


Located in Kissimmee Florida at 4775 W Irlo Bronson Hwy. They did a great job!!

Tiger Tattoos and and Body Piercing

They did such a great job with my Tiger, that I went back to get my Phoenix after I graduated college. My daughter actually drew my Phoenix bird for me…she did a great job. Located in Kissimmee Florida at 4145 W. Vine St.

And last but not least…my very first tattoo

I can’t remember where I got it because I got it so many years ago in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I also created this tattoo myself.


Okay, so It says piercings too, so let me give credit to:

Walmart Jewelry Department


The lady who did it, did’t cause me pain but my holes are not even…OMG. My own neighborhood Walmart here in Lakeland Florida…lol

That’s all I got for you today…I hope you enjoyed this as much as I do…Don’t forget to:

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Stay tuned for Day 10…tomorrow!!


5 responses to “31 Day Challenge-Day 9”

  1. I love the fact that all of your body art means so much to you!
    Thank you so much for the shout out – I really appreciate it

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  2. Great post, I always love to see some good ink. I especially like the butterfly, props for drawing it yourself, I wish I were that artistic.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] 27. How many tattoos do you have?  I currently have 5 working on the 6th.  Check out the meaning behind them on my blog post here: Piercings and Tattoos […]


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