31 Day Challenge-Day 7


Yummy, Yummy….time for my 10 favorite foods!! I don’t know about you but food is just so good especially when it is prepared just the way you like it!! I love food and I wish I can eat some of these things that are on my list but because I have gotten older and systems aren’t working like they used to, I have to minimize or eliminate these foods from my diet. I hate it. You watch everyone else eat it freely and not get sick but me totally different story. So, without further ado, I am going to tell you what my dream meal would be if I could have it all at once….here it goes..

  1. Pizza Image result for free stock images of pepperoni pizza My favorite is Little Cesears Extra-Most Bestest with double pepperoni!!! I don’t eat it a lot now anymore….that pesky heartburn.
  2. Hamburgers Image result for free stock images of hamburgers My favorite is the BIG MAC from McDonald’s -2 all beef patties, cheese, pickles and special sauce…they also had the triple for a hot minute…OMG…drooling right now…lol.
  3. Ice creamImage result for free stock images of icecream I love ice cream whether it is hard or soft, flavored or plain, on a cone or in a bowl. My favorite flavor is butter pecan.
  4. Spaghettinoodle-clipart-spaghetti-bolognese-697605-4654121[1] I learned how to make spaghetti as my first lesson in cooking by my dad. We used ground beef back then but now we use ground turkey and add all the peppers and onions to it. When I was learning to make the sauce we used Ragu…needless to say we couldn’t use the other half because I put it in the cabinet instead of fridge..oops my bad. I don’t fill my plate all the way up like I did as a kid…I think my stomach shrank…lol.
  5. Fried Chicken food-2202359__340[1]Love that chicken from POPEYES” There is something about chicken and how there are so many ways to make it. I like it fried, baked, barbecued and even canned.
  6. Eggs1516313382596288659free-clipart-scrambled-eggs.med[1] All I need is a couple pieces of bacon and some toast…lol I love scrambled eggs and even omelets made with all kinds of ingredients including cheese, mushrooms, choice of meat and peppers.
  7. Macaroni and cheese with baked beans
    This here a meal in itself. I usually eat the Kraft Mac and cheese with baked beans together and this is so delicious.
  8. FruitsImage result for free stock images of fruits Fruit is a great substitute for anything in sweet snack category. Most of the fruit I eat in blended into a smoothie which is so good for a quick breakfast or lunch. My favorite fruits are bananas, pineapples, mango, strawberries and grapes. I just recently had to cut some fruit from my diet because of hot flashes…which are no joke.
  9. Polish Boys030_54_990x660[1] The ultimate hot dog on a bun, with polish sausage, french fries, coleslaw, and a grilles special choice of barbecue sauce….mouth is watering again…lol. I was introduced to these in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and when I tell you they make some awesome polish boys…I ain’t lying. I used to eat 2 in one sitting, now I have to eat one…that pesky heartburn.
  10. Greens and Potato Salad
    Okay, so, last but not least…yes it is a vegetable. I love potato salad and collard greens together. The potato I make from scratch with potatoes, eggs, mustard and paprika. For some reason, the store bought salad doesn’t do it for me.

Well, that’s all I got for you on my 10 favorite foods. I know while you were reading this you went into the kitchen or thought about getting one of these items for dinner to eat.

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Now you can go and eat!!

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