You are Queen today and everyday….women empowering each other 2019

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible Queens, who have taught me the meaning of knowing who I am and that I am worthy of wearing a crown each and every single day. I have been apart of this great group of women who are like-minded and care for not only for themselves and others but they take it to the next level and make sure that the community is taken care of through the presence of their generosity, time and compassion. The lady responsible for bringing all this together believed in making a difference in the community and wanted to help women find their passions, put on their crowns everyday and go for it!! She is simply a beautiful person inside and out and I would like to thank her for all that she has done not only for the women of the group, but for me, I am blessed to know this lady…introducing

Valerie Padilla and The Womens Empowerment Group

Admin:Valerie Padilla Moderator:Catherine P. Marilyn R. Valerie C. and Linda L.

Valerie’s Women Empowerment started on May 25, 2018, and have been established as one of the most popular facebook groups to date. With 4k members and counting, this women’s group has shown what it truly means to be active in the community.

Whether they are feeding the homeless, collecting food items for families, creating art with the seniors, providing toys for kids or helping break ground for their community, these women do a great job in Giving Back! They were recently awarded a certificate by Senator Brian A. Benjamin for their community.

This group of women also Give Hope to those who are in need and Give Back to charitable organizations from bake sales, toy drives, and just a smiling face and hug for one in need.

The Womens Empowerment Group showing up all over New York City and even across the map to spread love and blessings.

Valerie a self-made entrepreneur and empowerment advocate. She introduced the #ThatsLife collection when she started the group. Get your shirts, sweatshirts and hats by email at for pricing. Join her Womens group at Valeries Women Empowerment Group.

#ThatsLife Gear

Daily inspiration, determination and blessings come from these great group of women!!

“Everyday you wake up, you put on your crown and remember you are blessed, you are strong and you are determined” V.P.

Supporting a Queens Dream….women empowerment!!📔

Tonight, we celebrate 1 year of being a beautiful, united group of empowering women from all backgrounds and all over the map. We celebrate as we put our crowns on tonight, not just everything we have done but what we can accomplish together as women today and all the days of our lives together. I am so truly proud of these women and everything that they stand for is who I want to be and am because of them. I want to Thank you Valerie’s Empowerment Group for making me feel like a true Queen in the Queendom. 👑

Love Queen LaFrieda👑

Thank you reading this post…I cried through the whole thing. It is going to be emotional tonight but I am so happy to have met these wonderful women.

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8 responses to “You are Queen today and everyday….women empowering each other 2019”

  1. Beautiful post Queen! Great things happen when we support and empower each other!

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  2. Hi again! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You can see my post about it on my blog! You’re in the second post(part 2).

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    1. Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate it.!! Getting started know😁

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      1. Awww! You’re welcome! Looking forward to reading your post!

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  3. All done..check it out!! Thank you again for nominating me!


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