“The cover comes off…No more filters!”

The Cover Comes Off….No More Filters!”
The other day, my daughter was getting ready for her date and she asked me “Do these pants make me look fat..and does my hair look right?” I said, “You look beautiful princess.”

“The question I am asking myself is, “Why am I telling her she is beautiful, when I can’t even be convinced myself I am beautiful on the outside as well as inside…so I decided…No More hair extensions, perms, just natural back to my roots. Lip gloss and baby oil.”

-I have short grey hair….why?….Life and illness
-Stretchmarks on stomach, butt and thighs….why?….3 beautiful angels born who are my whole world
-Boobs sag almost to my stomach…why?….Its Gravity..lol
-I forget things sometimes….why?….Im 41
-I gained 10 lbs this last year….what am I doing about it?……Eating healthier and walking

*So in Essence…I want men and women to know that until you are comfortable with your own skin inside as well as outside, the world will always expect you to look like you came out of a magazine. Inspired by my beautiful princess, Briana. Love you mom❤


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4 responses to ““The cover comes off…No more filters!””

  1. That is so true us women have to know we are beautiful no matter what.

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  2. You go girl! You don’t need the filters, you’re naturally beautiful! I’m going through the same thing right now when it comes to filters… I’m really trying not to use any filters or edits on my Snapchat photos to my friends anymore. It might only be a small step, but for someone who always uses a filter even if it’s just to brighten a picture, it’s a step in the right direction. 🙂

    Davis | http://www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk

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    1. Thank you so much☺It is really hard these days and I just want to be an example to alot of women.

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  3. […] started over from scratch and never felt better. Check out my post in “My Story” titled The Cover Comes Off….No More Filters (tap link above) It explains the decision I made to cut it […]


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