Presidents Day…A History to Remember

Black History Month…..Day 18

Today we celebrate a day in government where men of all ethnic backgrounds, education and political beliefs are joined together in celebrating our accomplishments of our country….United States Of AmericaRelated image


Pictured aboveOur 45 Presidents of the United States of America


Pictured above The White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial

one dollarfivedollarsgw 1020 dollarus presidents on coinsfifty-dollar1001000 bill

Pictured above: Money, Money, Money….and more money!! “Fun fact about U.S. currency(money) is that you have to either word hard for it or be dead….go figure”.  Presidents in order to be placed on U.S currency have to be deceased and voted on by majority to be honored. I think for right now…these guys aren’t going anywhere so lets introduce them again. (left top to bottom)
                                                              George Washington -1$ and .25c
                                                    Abraham Lincoln– 5$ and .1c
                                               Thomas Jefferson– 10$ and .5c
                                                                                  Andrew Jackson -20$
                                                                                  Ulysses S. Grant -50$
                                                                                  John F. Kennedy -.50c
                                                                                 Franklin Roosevelt – .10c
                                                Benjamin Franklin -100$
                         Dwight Eisenhower -One dollar coin
           Grover Cleveland– 1000$

Presidency (2009-2017)


                                   Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia and Sasha Obama
Pictured above: So in honor of also Black History Month, it is my duty to make an honorable mention to a man who has changed the course of over 100 years of history by becoming the First African-American politician to not only run for office but win in two consecutive elections.  Although our world has different viewpoints and opinions about people they are not sure of, he has proven through his 8 years that no matter how bad things got-he celebrated the great things and tried to preserve the good needed in America. As a faithful family man with a loving first wife and 2 beautiful daughters by his side…he managed to see the humor at the end and appreciate what he learned.  
     He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 6, 1941, as an American citizen, he became an American attorney and Politician who graduated from the University of Chicago Law School.  He signed many laws during his reign in Senate and more importantly his presidency. Although, most have been terminated by the current president, he made an impression in world by doing what was necessary- “You either loved him or you hated him”.  His wife, during his term, made a big impact on the world and communities around her and continues to shine a light in alot of eyes.  Their two daughters, at the start of his presidency were very young but over the two terms we watched them grow into smart and elegant young ladies.  Whether you agree with how he ran the office or not, it is a true fact that he was as sincere and firm as he could be as a politician, attorney, son, friend, brother, husband, dad….and most importantly as a man.

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