Black History Month….Day 4

Ella Josephine Baker– (December 13, 1903-December 13, 1986)

 “Remember we are not fighting for the freedom of the Negro, but for the freedom of the human spirit, a larger freedom that encompasses all mankind.”


ella baker

Pictured above: African-American Civil and Human Rights Activist from Norfolk, Virginia.


Pictured above: Ella Baker elementary schools established in Washington, New York and other cities along with an art center in honor of her.
                                                        “Strong people do not need strong leaders.”
Pictured above: Ella Baker was involved with NAACP between 1938-1953, SCLC between 1957-1960 and SNCC between 1960-1966.  During her years serving these organizations, she also worked with Martin Luther King Jr. whom she had opposite viewpoints with at times but she respected the mission and fought for freedom and citizenship.
Pictured above: Books written about Ella Baker’s history and active years fighting for Civil Rights.

ella-baker-picella 7ella flushing cemetary

Picture above: Ella Baker born to parents Georgiana & Blake Baker was a very private person. She was married to T.J. “Bob” Roberts for 20 years, won the Candace Award from National Coalition of 100 Black Woman in 1984, was part of the “Free Angela” campaign, was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 1994 after dying at the age of 83 on her birthday.


Pictured above: Ella Baker was honored with her own postage stamp in 2009.

ella 9

Thank you for reading about Ella Josephine Baker.  Discover more about Black History throughout the month of February.

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