Black History Legends…Day 3

Susie King Taylor -(August 6, 1848 -October 6, 1912)

susie 8

Pictured above: 1st African-American Army nurse and laundress
Pictured above: She taught soldiers how to read and write.  She was the first to organize and educate formerly enslaved men, women and children in a freed man’s schools on Saint Island in Georgia.  In April of 1862, on St. Simon Island, she would teach 40 children in a day.
Pictured above: Memoirs and stories written by Susie King Taylor during her Civil War experiences.


Pictured above: Reminiscences written after a trip to Louisiana in the 1890’s to care for a dying son published in 1902.
Pictured above:  Susie King Taylor Community School in the late 1800’s and present day.
Pictured above:  Mount Hope Cemetery in Roslindale, Massachusetts where Susie Ann Taylor aka (Susan Ann Baker) is buried next to her late husband Edward King who died before their first child was born.
Picture above:  Some of the different honors given to Susie King Taylor after her passing.

susie 4


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