Spotlight for December 2018

   My Spotlight for December is a very determined entrepreneur who motivates others through their business and has been a great friend and motivator for me in these last couple of months. She is on a mission to make every woman entrepreneur see success behind every failure and reach every single goal in life. I would love for you to meet Lauren Najar.


Lauren Najar-Coaching
Click link above to follow L. Najar on her coaching website.
Me: “What is your name?”
Lauren: “I am Lauren Najar”
Me: “Where are you from originally?”
Lauren: “I am from Dyer IN.”
Me: “What is your profession and business and how did you get started?”
Lauren: “I am a business coach for new women entrepreneurs. I got started always trying to start my own businesses periodically and finding what full-filled me the most.”
Me: “What is your greatest accomplishment this year?”
Lauren: “I sold out my 1:1 coaching program within 3 months of business”
Me: “What very important lesson have you learned through your journey in helping others?”
Lauren: “Patience and being methodical!!”
Me: “Have you traveled and done any speaking engagements to promote your business?”
Lauren: “I have not but would love too! It is one of my dreams and goals!”
Me: “What is your favorite quote that you live by?”
Lauren: “I am enough.”


Lauren Najar-Instagram
Follow her instagram click link above.
Me: “Will you be expanding your business beyond coaching?”
Lauren: “I will be coaching for now with 1:1 expanding into courses and getting group programs in 2019!”
Me: “What social media links can our readers follow you on?”
My website is


Lauren Najar- Facebook
Follow L. Najar via Facebook-click link above.
Special thanks to Lauren for being interviewed for my Spotlight for December 2018
Interview by: LaFrieda Smith
Guest: Lauren Najar





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