Spotlight for November 2018

   For the month of November, I am doing my first interview with an entrepreneur I had the pleasure of meeting recently lady from Missouri, who is not only a mom and wife but is a great role model for young women who want to build a multi-million dollar empire.

My entrepreneur spotlight for November 2018 is Latasha Lewis.

received_696079257445241[1]Latasha Lewis

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  I had the pleasure of interviewing Latasha for this spotlight and wanted other entrepreneurs to be inspired by her also.
November 27, 2018
Me:             “What is your name?”
Latasha:    “Latasha Lewis.”
Me:             “What do you prefer to be called?”
Latasha:   “Tasha.”
Me:             “What is your educational background?”
Latasha:   “I have two Bachelors degrees and Multiple Certifications:  My Bachelor is in Advertising with an emphasis on Graphic Design and Business Administration with emphasis on Project Management.  My Certifications include: Google, Agile Project Management, Fowler Life Coaching and many more.”
Me:             “What started you on the path of becoming an entrepreneur?”
Latasha:    “Initially, I wanted to develop a business that my family and I could do and have fun at the same time, but as time went on I learned that my family did not support the vision.  As time went on the Lord blessed me to accept the things I could not change and go at it on my own.”
Me:             “What kind of business(s) do you own and what is your mission?”
Latasha:    “I own Many Skirts Life Coaching, it is an agency with a mission to help women entrepreneurs and leaders relate to their body, their soul, and spirit by providing them solutions they need to meet their beauty, emotional, financial, health and relationship goals.  We have been managing projects in the Kansas City area for over 7 years but fully launch in April 2019.”


Me:               “What are your passions or goals in life and where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
Latasha:      “My goal in life to be proof that God can move mountains. I want women to know that they can build empires if they keep going no matter what they see in front of them.  It doesn’t matter where they are from, if they want it, go for it.  Don’t let themselves or others count them out.”
                        “I see myself very busy in five years…..
  1. “I see myself being a mature women of God!”
  2. “I see myself being a nurturing wife!”
  3. “I see myself being a role model/mentor for my 17 year old daughter and the members.”
  4. “I see Many Skirts being a popular-innovative life coaching agency.”
  5. “I personally will have a multi-million dollar investment portfolio.”
Me:                  “What social networks and links do you have for our readers to follow you in your future success?
Latasha:        “Facebook Page:                                                                and Instagram @many_skirts.”
Me:                  “What is something you would tell your followers about becoming an entrepreneur?”
Latasha:        “Brand is important and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just keep going.”
     I want to thank Latasha for doing this interview with me.  I am always inspired from those who work from the bottom up and see themselves achieving everything they set out to do no matter what seems impossible to others.
Interview by: LaFrieda Smith
Guest: Latasha Lewis
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