Our beautiful journey together..

Introductions to the Smith Family….
  Hey, Hey my name is La Frieda Smith and I am 40 years old and I am the proud wife and mother of a sweetheart of  a husband whose 53 and three beautiful teens.  I have been married to my husband Brian for almost 20 years coming April 2019 and my angels are my son’s Brian who is 19, he attends Polk college and works for Publix, Devon 17, he is on the Autism Spectrum, works at Publix and loves to dance and my daughter Briana 15, loves makeup and fashion and also works part-time walking dogs and babysitting. They are all so smart. We are originally from Cleveland Ohio. I was born and raised there but my husband was born in Buffalo, New York in a town called Lockport.  Our family came here 8 years ago in a UHaul and SUV with 3 cats in it- it took us 2 days to get here and we have lived in 3 major cities…but it was worth it!  We currently live south of Florida and find that we have had so much to do down here compared to our hometown.  One of the things that gets us all pumped up are the endless amounts of amusement parks we’ve visited, concerts down in the city next to us and movie programs we can participate in.  Me and my husband are Rock-n-roll souls so we love seeing bands live all the time.  We have been doing concert hopping since 2014 and haven’t stopped yet.  We are a close family and are best friends through everything.  Currently me and my husband are retired and have passed the torch onto our teens to let them shine in their lives.  So that’s a brief introduction to the Smith Family and there is plenty more to come next time. Thank you.




One response to “Our beautiful journey together..”

  1. Such a beautiful family! It’s nice to meet you La Frieda! I look forward to exploring your blog!


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